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About Sheen
Flame haired Sheen Doran is a professional singing teacher and choreographer. Sheen has life-long experience in West End theatre, world tours, and has an extensive background in recording singles and albums.  In the 1980s Sheen achieved world wide fame with her all-girl band Toto Coelo with hits such as 'I Eat Cannibals', 'Dracula's Tango', 'Mucho Macho', and 'Milk From The Coconut'.  Sheen then went on to perform globally with the top vocal harmony group Wall Street Crash.  In addition, Sheen worked extensively as a session singer, backing and supporting many major artists: Brian May, Rod Stewart, Chaka Khan, Abba, the late Joe Cocker, Alisha's Attic, Kiki Dee and Elton John, The Small Faces, Marc Bolan, and numerous others. 
How to succeed
You will learn:
  • How to breathe properly; 
  • How to enhance your vocal singing range;
  • The importance of singing your songs in the correct key;
  • A choice of songs that will suit your voice and please the audience;
  • Microphone technique;
  • How to perform 'live' and connect with your audience;
  • How to work a P.A. system for 'live' events;
  • The importance of movement and staging of your act;
  • Various ways to compose your own songs;
  • How to control nerves and gain confidence
Sheen can also provide recording facilities, plus promotion of your act, including photographs and release of your material through all media.  

"It's a funny old world isn't it"

Sheen Doran.

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